Goal of 1600 ton Master start as OS on small vessels or large?

Very well said. I started as a greenhorn in 1995 on crewboats. Right now I’m a 1600 ton master, and currently working on a vessel over 1600 tons INTL. which will satisfy the requirement to go unlimited. So sometime before Christmas this year I will submit my application to the NMC for 3rd mate AGT. As was already stated on this thread, in hindsight, if I knew fresh out of high school I wanted to be a mariner then I definitely would have went the academy route. But now, I have a family that depends on my income to live. I simply do not have the funds to take 3 yrs off of work & go to college. And the years of experience I have gained coming up the
hawsepipe have been indispensable. I would not trade it for ANYTHING!!