Go plug this in and make me a latte. (Best watch ever!)


[QUOTE=brjones;110995]Where the f are the engineers? I know if our coffer pot were to break down below we would drop everything to fix it. " sorry capt, you can’t have standby yet coffee machine broke"…lol[/QUOTE]

One boat I worked on years ago, we used a spare circuit in the alarm system, then made labels for all the alarm panels that said “coffee pot” randomly I would set off the coffe pot alarm just to see the captain make the new AB’s go check on it.


I just want to say this thread has restored my faith in… whatever it is that faith can be restored in… I don’t know it just made my day to read all of the comments. I love this place, I’m never leaving! Yous guyz are hilarious!


[QUOTE=albertpachino;110992]I too was a Bunn man on the ship and a dunkin donuts man on shore. Then my son introduced me to my new favorite coffee shop. We go every morning when I’m home and order;

[I][B]2 Triple Venti Sugar free, 1/2 Non fat, 1/2 soy No foam, caramel, mocha, cinnimon, with whip caramel macchiato. Then pour regular coffee down the side with 2 packs of raw sugar and a stir stick on the side. And don’t forget the cardboard cock-ring so my palms don’t get burned.[/B][/I]

They taste like liquid turd and costs $6 each but it takes her 10 minutes to make and she works up a nice sweat :slight_smile:


HeyAl, can we get the address of this place?


I love my aero press…makes a damn good strong cup of coffee


[QUOTE=joepilot;111077]HeyAl, can we get the address of this place?[/QUOTE]

Why, so I can wait in line watching you and 50 other gcaptain lurkers order frapafuckincinos? Sorry Joe, not going to happen.

But I will give you the address of a sausage shop:


[QUOTE=john;111000]Here’s one for you c.capt :wink: [/QUOTE]

Here’s another great one!



Once Hotwired a toaster oven with a toggle switch, all the “safety” overrides prevented a proper breakfast. Got a picture of that rig somewhere…

How about means of securing the coffee pot to the machine in heavy weather on smaller vessels? Mending twine only goes so far…

We are big fans of the single serving machines these days in my neck of the woods.


We got a new “not tugboat” hand onboard the ol’ SEA SKIMMER. I came into the galley late one night and found the coffee machine empty and OFF!!! What on earth??? I got out my old trusty Dymo label maker and had to make a sign, “If you finish the pot, make another”. I thought it was the end of the world. . . . Oh, and it was a Mr. Coffee, kept secure with a rather interesting arrangement of copper tubing and stainless steel straps. Kind of overkill, because it wasn’t going anywhere unless we came out of the notch. . . .well, it was secure then, with that arrangement, but I am sure that we would never be able to keep any water in it long enough to brew. . .


[QUOTE=domer;111085]Here’s another great one![/QUOTE]

I thank you sir with tears of unwashed working stiff happiness running down my cheeks!

You have guaranteed I am going to have a great day today! Now EFF YOU all you mugs!


The backside of that starbucks logo:


Meet our new barista :grin:



yo, albert pachina… if she was aboard making coffee I’d prob not need it… meanwhile for everyone else, a eng. crew may have a coffee pot down below somewhere!!! and a laundry too eh !!! ?


Hard to beat a Chemex for fault tolerance. If you lose or run out of filters you can use a double layer of paper towels. If you break the carafe you can use the filters in a cut-down funnel. And the coffee quality is up there with the best. Just don’t forget the “blooming” step.






How they’re making espresso on the latest high-tech offshore racing sailboats. Hint - it takes a while.