GIS Pearl Collision?

sure would like to see the pic. I have been working out of the same dock as them for a while now. Is everyone ok?

Hear ya go


just showed up as a big X for me

Thats not good… that boat cant get a break it seems like…

That probably isn’t going to buff right out. She sink at the dock post collision after being nursed in?

not good, I would like to hear the whole story on this one

Shes going down


Is this the old Seacor boat Miss Pearl? If so it doesn’t have a good track record

She had a good track record until a few months ago when the now Captain of the Blue Water Chief launched her on Sabine jetties…I ran her when she was new for about 4 years…she was a good boat to run.

I believe before he did that it hit a dredge pipeline in freshwater city ripping a 15’ by 1’ gash in the side

And he is on the Netty

It’s going to take a lot of power for her to make any way now.

XO, bring us up to periscope depth


And he is on the Netty[/QUOTE]

Are you sure…just a few days ago he was on the Chief…a friend of mine works on there with him…

Hello everyone unfortunately I am the captain that was at the helm when the Gis pearl had this incident. Just to clear up any rumors that may be out there. No one was injured and the boat did not fully sink it has been recovered. Now as to what happened. I hit a unlit radio tower. Not sure what exactly it is or who owns it but its about 100 feet tall and is just a pipe coming up with a small boat landing around it. It goes up to a small platform with some solar panels on it and a radio tower. It was a choppy night and wasn’t showing up as a solid object on radar and was unlit I was altering my course to miss a shrimp boat and just didn’t see it. I wasn’t dirty or drinking and I wasn’t asleep. So if you have any questions feel free to ask and if anyone that’s been involved in an accident before and had any advice for me please share. And is any one hiring? LoL

Unfortunately I was the captain on the wheel of this cursed boat at the time of the incident. Luckily no one was hurt and they where able to recover the vessel. To those wondering we struck am unlit radio tower. This is the first time I’ve ever been involved In a marine accident does anyone have any advice as far as how to handle the coast guard investigation. And is anyone hiring lol

Don’t talk about it on an Internet forum might be the first step to handling the USCG inquiry. Second would be to hire a lawyer

[QUOTE=Traitor Yankee;118063]Don’t talk about it on an Internet forum might be the first step to handling the USCG inquiry. Second would be to hire a lawyer[/QUOTE]

A Maritime Lawyer.

That said - DO NOT REPLY HERE - but ask yourself whether your company or the radio rig operator plans to take action against you. If no, consider yourself lucky. If yes, then you will need legal representation. Don’t talk to the press and for crimminy’s sake, don’t post on the internet. Keep a low profile and answer any questions directly to the point without elaboration.

Handle this right and your career may recover…

You could very well be ok. A friend of mine hit an unlit well some years ago, he’s still working today with no problems. Sometimes it’s just dumb luck, I’ve been too close to hitting one myself…as a matter of fact it was on that boat now that I think about it… best of luck and keep your head up…unlit at night could have happened to any of us.

what is an “unlit radio tower” doing offshore anyway? we talking about one of those pipes that stick up with a valve wheel on top?