Getting work as an applicant at MM&P Seattle

I’m preparing to take Basic Shiphandling, VSO and get my TOAR endorsement in June after a 2 yr+ plus hiatus from shipping. Is there anyone who can provide any input as to what my chances might be for getting work as 3rd or 2nd Mate with MM&P’s Seattle hiring hall as an applicant? Any information would be welcome and appreciated.

Also, I currently hold the following licenses/documents : Master Oceans 3000 ITC, 1600 GRT and Second Mate AGT, Unlimited Radar, GMDSS, STCW 95, TWIC, ARPA and BRM. I have a Tankerman PIC DL currently on continuance.

At any rate, I’ll be available for work after June 20 and would appreciate being given a heads up on any hiring activity that I might quality for.