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I have been looking into getting into the maritime industry, I have no previous experience working onboard vessels of any kind. I live in Montana currently. I know that I need the TWIC the MMC, a passport, a physical, a drug test and Steve training to be eligible for work. I was searching the Internet on how to get a job on a ship and I came across gene scandurras website Be a merchant He charges 1200 dollars for his services. And says that he will walk you through the process of getting your credentials and finding employment. I was wondering does anybody on here know anything about him? Is he a scam? If anybody on here has ever used his service is he worth it? If anybody on here knows anything about him your knowledge would be appreciated thanks.

Did you ever find any info regarding Gene Scandurras? I fount the same website and I am also interested in working in the maritime industry.

I don’t know anything about that particular guy, but it sounds like a scam to me. I find it hard to believe that anyone at any price could give you $1200 worth of help at this time.

At this time, jobs are very hard to get even for the most experienced mariners with strong credentials. Many people are out of work. Many people have taken 50% pay cuts. Many people are working in lower positions. Many people are working a lot less than normal.


Read carefully, his fee is $1200 IN ADDITION to the approximate $1300 of USCG fees and courses.

I agree with @tugsailor, it’s a rough job market out there and $1200 seems to be expensive for the product offered. I believe that most license consultants charge no more than $500 to help mariners with very complex upgrades.

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I am currently working with him. He says he charges so much because of the pay rate and the demand for jobs in that field . Everything seems legit so far i received my mmc a few days ago and now i have to pay him $298 so he can start finding me jobs. All 1,300 is not due upfront you have to pay a deposit to get started then another one once you receive the credential then you pay him off once a job is accepted.

Remember what P. T. Barnum said?

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Everything he is offering can be done on your own. As far a finding job? I doubt he will get you employed over anyone else. Most companies who are desperately looking, pay their own headhunter to find people


If you use the search function here, you will find a wealth of information on how to get started and how to look for work. There is even a list of companies floating around. Worth far more than 1200 bucks to some random guy who may or may not help you.


Also worth mentioning is that it is illegal to charge a Mariner to find work. You really could have done all of this on your own fairly easily and with much less cost.


After reading his website, I would not trust him to handle any paperwork or give any advice worth $1300. Like the others have mentioned, all of this can be done on your own. It will take some effort and ability to research on your own, and maybe even travelling for interviews and relocating, but I’ll take that over being ripped off by some bum on the internet. I’ve also gotten some great advice from this website for free.

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Thank you. Yeah im not paying him anything else. It was a rushed decision and i honestly had no clue on how to get even get started.

Do NOT use Gene Scandurra’s services! He is a scam! I’ve worked with him for the last 4 years and he is awful and has no idea what he’s talking about. He got me terminated from my state job and takes no responsibility for it. I invested so much money into his services and am in a worse financial rut.

Gene Scandurra is a scam and will screw you out of your money! He made me lose my state job in Alaska and takes no responsibility for it. He doesnt return any of my calls or emails!

Do NOT use Gene Scandurra! He is a scam.

It took you four years to figure out what should have been obviously anyone in the first four months?

Obvious in the first four seconds for anyone with experience.

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It was my first time going into the industry. I was desperate and thought Gene Scandurra knew what he was talking about. I thought I was having bad luck until i realized Scandurra doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he was causing these issues.

I have worked with Mr Scandurra and have given him referrals. Sure you can do it on your own but he can move you through the process very quickly if you follow his direction. He became a Boson on a ship and has traveled the world and has been on many ships. His website is very detailed. Mr Scandurra will save you time and increases your chance of employment with his knowledge. He is not a scam. He knows this field. I would highly recommend him. Im sorry but all the posts by Lwayson93 seems overboard. He got my son in this field and some of his friends. I highly recommend Mr. Scandurra.

This is the best thread on here.

I told Mr Scandurra about the post from Lwayson93 and he said that is was the son he helped over many years. The son quit his job against the advice of Mr. Scandurra. The son did not follow Mr. Scandurra’s direction and blamed Mr. Scandurra for his actions instead of taking responsibility. Mr Scandurra always answered my calls at any time and even on Sunday. If I left a message he either called me back or texted. I don’t know what Lwayson93 problem is but this person has a personal vendetta. If you speak with Mr Scandurra he will do the job! He is not a job recruiter. He assist with credentials. Yes there is a fee for his service and yes you have to pay other cost. But in the end Mr Scandurra saves you money since he makes the process faster (this is based on you doing what he says since there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done RIGHT) The employment phase (as he refers to it) is him assisting in making sure your resume meets the requirements to get a job and he gives you direction which jobs to apply for and interview. He bypasses all the “course” requirements that cost hundreds of dollars that is not necessary for employment. He will get you sea time and get you moving in your career.