GCaptain Forum VS Social Media


Agreed. FB has reached garbage status and should be abandoned. I deleted FB and never looked back. It’s a dumpster fire of negativity, fake news, bad advertising, attempts at behavior modification, subversion, and the lowlifes of the world on full display.


I have a facebook account but my page is blank as I’ve only used it to access other pages when referenced. Yesterday, a friend warned be about something and encouraged me to look into it. If you have a facebook account, do this: go to settings, then blocking. In the dialog box, type “following me”. The names of people following you without your knowledge and their countries of origin might curl the hair on the back of your neck.


Apparently it’s hoax. Everyone that turns up has the letters “Me” somewhere in their name.


Thank you for that. I see now that the names that came up had ME in them but what got me was that none were ‘murican’. The list of 25 or so were all middle eastern or indian and whatever this is: আহম্মেদ সুমন.


@John, you and I come from an almost identical background. I agree with the positive comments above/below and appreciate all the effort you’ve put into making gCaptain a meaningful professional forum.

I have only one request: if possible, put a working version of the gCaptain forum app on Google Play store. The Android version hasn’t worked for a couple of years. Since SO MUCH interaction now occurs on mobile devices it makes it a much more accessible means of all of us mariners interacting.
CHEERS… Captain Gary


We do have an android app… here are the directions for installing it: Download The NEW gCaptain Forum App


Noted without comment:





One of the reasons I like reading gCaptain, it actually loads while at sea.

I’ve given up even trying to load Facebook underway. If you don’t have my at-sea email, I guess you’re not getting in touch with me until we pull in somewhere.


Social Media. Casting skills video.


Well if we are going to bring up casting and fishing… there really is no other with quite the social media aplomb of Darcizzle.

This young lady and her partner have so many endorsements they practically fish for free.


I don’t have social media and would rather just avoid it as i get enough interruption now !!, besides, with all the censoring of certain ‘outcasts’ some of those on this forum would probably ‘disappear’. In time this too will perhaps pass but until then your oldest and wisest …uh, wise asses will probably be found right here!


Interesting to note that the people whose Facebook group killed off the primary drilling forum have just put up a site clearly modeled on gCaptain. Start of a trend?




Pro boards are free and it could handle your volume and offer almost all the capabilities of your current platform. FB rules will take your already dying forum and completely kill it. FB is an archaic and dying platform to begin with but I would see as to why you would want to use it since this forum is full of nothing but a bunch of grumpy non-tech savy old men. In all seriousness the vast majority of offshore workers have to contend with low slow internet and forcing them to use fb will choke their already struggling to keep up bandwidth with FB. More free advice you have admin’d the shit out of this forum till it is almost no fun and shooed or tamped down off all your good trolls that keep your forum alive! I am a professional internet troll since the 90s and you were bumping for a minute and then you murdered your own activity with over modding the shit out of it. I have actually been circling your forum like a vulture for years now testing the waters. This forum is dead, dying, and boring. You move everything to FB and it will lose even more interest. Bad idea.


There’s no troll like a hungry troll. Please do not feed.




My phone will text via WiFi.


This forum should stay up and running, facebook is changing it isn’t reliable anymore(to much unusfull stuff there), its rules are tending to be stupid. here people can speak freely if a level of respect and decency is kept.


I deleted my FB account already some time ago after they announced that from that moment on all the pictures I and everybody else, uploaded automatically becomes their property. The arrogance of FB is unbelievable! Recently FB also has started to censor heavily the content of its users, another reason to quit asap. I still use Twitter which is good enough for me, as long as they behave…


Be Wise Leave The Misery Machine!


Good, if depressing, article about Facebook here:


If you’re too busy to read it, here’s a short review:

Children’s Crusade meets KGB. KGB wins.




Facebook is still a powerful tool, I would not go as far as deleting my account but for sure I will try to find my information outside Facebook on forums like this one.


Hook’em early…

Facebook is forging ahead with its messaging app for kids, despite child experts who have pressed the company to shut it down and others who question Facebook’s financial support of some advisers who approved of the app.
Messenger Kids lets kids under 13 chat with friends and family. It displays no ads and lets parents approve who their children message. But critics say it serves to lure kids into harmful social media use.