Gas price in NL reaches new record high

For a gallon we have to pay now $8.17 that is 285% more then in for instance in Maine. Government as modern highway robbers sucking us dry.

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What type of Gallon??

In Norway the av. cost of a Ltr. of gasoline is NOK 17.050 at the moment:

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US gallon of 3,785411788 liters.

We pay €1.80 per liter that is NOK18, that is about 10 cents per liter cheaper in Norway.

Pigovian tax?


In addition to raising revenue taxes are used to encourage or discourage activity as a means of public policy.

The libtards in NL want everyone peddling bicycles, not driving around burning gas.

I agree with using taxes as instruments of social policy. Cigarettes should be taxed at least $1 each. There should be a $10,000 tax deduction for having Covid vaccinations.


No, tax credit, thank you.

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Dutch Cycling system explained.

Another Dutch transport system.



I used those bike roads on a moped in Rotterdam and loved it. Murikans would never settle for that amount of cooperation, common sense and orderliness. Such an imposition on their freedom would result in gunfire at every intersection.


At the moment e-bikes are presenting a real danger on the roads. Sales are on the rise, last year four in ten bicycles sold were electric. Due to their high speed, more and more accidents happen. German research has shown that the chance of a fatal traffic accident with an electric bicycle is three times higher than with a normal bicycle. There is no age distinction. In all age categories, the chance of a fatal accident with an electric bicycle has been three times as high as on a regular bicycle in the past five years.

Electric bicycles are often hit from the side. This may indicate that drivers misjudge the speed. An e-bike can easily reach 30 kilometers per hour. If you turn you think, for example: I can still pass before that. But be careful! E-bikes are faster than you think! At this period in time we, both sides, nseem not yet to have adapted to this new kind of souped-up bicycles.

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Are there still nut cases that refuse to wear seatbelts, or object to “restrictions of their freedom” by having to drive on the right hand side of the road.??

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Many of us prefer not to use seatbelts around town. Fine for longer trips on the highway, unfamiliar roads, slippery conditions, etc, but not necessary for slow well known roads in dry conditions. Seatbelt enforcement is rare in most places. I’ve never had a ticket.

Here is a test crash in 40 km/h FYI:

Maybe you should reconsider. Seat belts are cheap insurance at any speed.
It doesn’t help how good and safe driver you are, there are a lot of nut cases on the road that may crash into you.

Police here never let things pass. Tickets are expensive. Just a few:

  • No safety belt $ 180
  • Driving through a red traffic light $ 300
  • Having a cell phone in hand $ 250
  • Unnecessary honking $ 480
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Not sure a bike will tow the 14ft aluminum tender with a layout boat on top, the 8 horse o/b, 120 decoys, two people, one Chessie, lunch/coffee/snacks/guns and blind bags, AND the canoe on the car. My 4cyl Rav4 will, though. Not a fan of big trucks/engines for my use, but no issues with anyone owning them…just don’t need one for myself.

The gf’s VW makes an AWESOME late season field hunting rig. Silhouettes and shell decoys don’t take much room.

Really. Back in my reckless 20s, I never wore a seatbelt, either around town or on the freeways. Once they started establishing seatbelt laws, and because I was also drinking. . ., well, not heavily, maybe, but regularly; I didn’t want to give any cops a reason to pull me over and check my sobriety. That got me into the habit of buckling up regularly. Now, I rarely consume adult beverages, but still buckle up.