FYI. Port Everglades,FL TWIC center has closed/moved

I went to pick up my TWIC at Port Everglades, even made an appointment the night before. I get to the place and find out the have closed down the Port Everglades office and moved everything to the new office at,

WIC Enrollment Center
Ste. D130
2700 W. Cypress Creek Rd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

You would think that the website might have mentioned the fact that they were moving or closing, but i didnt see anything on there.

PS: also checked my TWIC occupation and I did it right and listed MM on the original application. Woo Hoo

I guess that means it’s not the Port Everglades office anymore. Since it’s nowhere near the port. That way, anybody on a ship who needs services will have a hard time getting there. Makes about as much sense as placing the NMC in West Virginia.

Yeppers, I was told last month that the West Palm TWIC office was closing soon. I guess a job well done must be coming to an end!

[B]Not suprising, They also moved the one here in Tampa [U]way[/U] out of they way, we only had a couple of days notice. That was T.S.A.'s call [I](“let’s just get it as far away from the port as possible”) [/I]ahem. I didn’t just type that. [/B]

[B]It was put out from Sector St. Petersburg in a P.C.I.B. I’m curious though, If I find out a bunch are doing this, I will get back and post something that might be able to save a lot of headaches.[/B]

[B]The following link seems to be more :cool: up to date as far as addresses go…[/B]


[B]Anyone needing latest addresses / changes to …visit this site first. [/B]

[B]F.Y.I. you can save about 20 minutes if you pre-enroll on-line or by calling.[/B]

[B]TOLL FREE # 866 - 347 - 8942[/B]

[B]OR …# 866 - dip - twic :)[/B]

i like to schedule an appointment for a twic card

i like to schedule an appointmenrt for a twic card

whats your phone number