Future of ships


A long and detailed article in MarineLink about unmanned and autonomous ships of the future:


Singapore has already been in the loop for development of autonomous ships for a while.
Here is some news on their activity from Splash today:


Could Wartsila be ready to pounce on RRM:


Not everybody is as sceptical about the development of autonomous ships as some forum members here:


Lots of activity on the autonomous ship front from different sources today, but USA is getting left behind according to this article:


There is not need for US flag autonomous ships. The US has no shipping policy and sees no need for ships in foreign trade.

There are very few US flag ships in foreign trade and most of them are old junkers that will not be replaced.

Even if crew costs were eliminated, highly taxed and regulated US flag shipping can never compete against flags of convenience.


The view from the Philippines:


Just reading the headline confuses me. . . .


Try reading the article.
Not sure if it will make you less confused though. (I’m still confused)


More gadgets to improve situation awareness to be installed on a Maersk ship:

Will this help, or create more confusion??


Tough to tell without seeing a demonstration of the equipment in my opinion. The article I read made it sound like a heads up display, but I don’t know how you transition that to a ships bridge. VR goggles? A console like a radar with a FLIR camera that can sweep the horizon and highlight perceived targets of interest? Something like that Rolls Royce crazy bridge window concept could be interesting but I don’t think the tech is quite there yet.

It definitely sounds like something with the potential to suck in and focus all of the watch officers attention on as the one stop shop for collision avoidance and that doesn’t sound good to me.


I assume you are referring to Ulstein Bridge Vision with heads up display on the windows?:

Here is a video presentation:

They have received prizes and grants for their vision:



Looks like it. For some reason I thought it was a RR product. This Boston product sounds aftermarket, as in not designed with the vessel at construction so I’m having trouble picturing it in service.


Last week RR presented autotracking, now Wartsila presents its autodocking system :


A combination of the two will complete the voyage from Quay-to-Quay :smile:


I posted the above some 10 days ago.
Here is more from the same source:

So RRM is well under way with their system.


many countries have had auto dock on ferries for years. Its pretty simple technology.


That’s interesting as Wartsila is presenting this as a world’s first. Do you have examples?


maybe they mean without DP?
KM Darps has been around for years, can do that with a moving target
L3/Wartsila have a system to allow an OSV to come alongside a sub and resupply
they can move the Space X platform under the rocket on DP
I have been told auto approach for ferries is common in areas with fog
A DP system with a range and bearing as a set point move is pretty simple.


That’s possible yes. Here they have used a traditional ferry design with ( I suppose ) a combination of GPS data with fixed onshore targets for precision approach speed and direction data. In the core pretty simple, however it must be an exciting experience for a ferry captain the first time he approaches the quay “hands-free”


Maersk may not be interested in autonomous container ships, but they are certainly interested in IA technology in general: