Future of ships


Sheesh! Not ready for prime time.


How true., Uber appears to have rushed a product into road test before it was ready and thoroughly tested in secure and restricted surroundings.
Luckily not all driverless cars are being developed in Silicon Valley. Others appears to do it differently:

Autonomous ships and ferries will be tested in designated and controlled test areas for a long time before they are let loose in international waters. And yes, with software designed by Sunnmoringer the risk will be substantially less.

It looks like Rolls-Royce may be planning to grab some of technology developed here, before they sell the Norwegian branch to highest bidder though:

Oh, and the Norwegians are more than willing to share their knowledge and development tools with others:


Oscar Levander, one of the leaders in the field ask; Unmanned ships - are we there yet??:


OECD wants to speed up decarbonizing of the maritime industry:


Is shipping a soft target for hacking?:

What is being done about it?
Will it influence the future smart ships and autonomous ships?


China is forging ahead towards world dominance in shipping, incl. autonomous ships, according to this not so maritime informed article in Forbes:


The IMO have failed dismally re PC’s on ships.
The fiasco of ecdis without standards of interface just speak volumes that the working bodies are just full of retired old farts.
There are no IT skills on boards,( nobodies fault) yet the equipment has turned up.
All PC’s including the DP systems are all logged in as administrators so its just wide open.
I believe there is a group working on it now and a standard has or is about to come out.
But like the IMO just finding out ships have DP systems, dont hold your breath.


Shipping seen as the softest of hacker targets -

You better believe it.

What is being done about it?

Nowhere near enough.

Will it influence the future smart ships and autonomous ships?




Looks like the Uber situation was a straightforward case of official corruption, few if any technical lessons to be learned:




Its obvious you cant let the existing IMO regime regulate autonomous ships, so who then?
Pay an IT organisation to overview all IMO things related to PC’s?
Or we have an age limit on the IMO members so they know what a PC and IT is?


Here is the mooring and charging arrangement for the electric ferry Amper that have now been in service for a couple of years:

And the charging system from a competitor:

This hasn’t been put into use yet, as far as I know


Keeping the Brits away should be the number one priority.


And don’t forget the first ferry charging via induction:

Wireless charging


IMO is too easily “steered” by industry corporate interest to be able to govern the shipping industry (incl. autonomous ships??):


I think the lack of consensus re pollution regs and other things have brought this to the fore
not to mention the ecids fiasco which says its also not competent to make the rules.


Wilhelmsen jump on the bandwagon to offer full packet, from design and development, control system, logistic support and operational management:

They join forces with Kongsberg who are already heavily involved in the business.


Yep Kongsberg already had an autonomous vessel a few years ago.

unique technology, never happened before or since.
( where was the independent joystick in all this has never been disclosed)

sorry couldnt resist it


Some time in '89 I intercepted a fairly excited telex (SITOR) on HF from a drill rig that was doing circles around the drill string. They were on their second 8" boot floppy on the spare computer and things weren’t getting better.

They also mentioned as a side issue that the crew were unhappy that the washing machine kept breaking the welds that held it to the deck.


Yes sh*t happens, either from equipment failure or human error.

That is why I have always stressed that on a DP2 or 3 vessel, where the requirement is two persons on the bridge at all times, ONE must be able to take manual control. (I.e. an experienced boat handler, not any old DPO that just throw up his arm if anything goes wrong with the DP system)


sure and almost killing the diver would not have happened if the ibjs was working but no report ever talks about it for what we all suspect can only be for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. they were on DP knowing the ibjs was not working , that takes the vessel out of any DP class.
  2. the independent backup joystick wasnt so it went down with the dp consoles, hence the KM system not class compliant.

When the vessel is all azi’s its critical you have a joystick.