Future of ships


With the USA trying to onboard more manufacturing and robots doing away with cheap labour the transport will become a major expense in manufacturing as it does when the price of oil skyrockets


Will Wartsila buy RR marine??


One of the possibilities, with Aker Solution and Kongsberg Group also mentioned.
There are rumours that the Chinese are lurking in the wings.
Let us just hope it doesn’t go to some hedge fund or stripping artists from Wall Street or the City.


The break through of electric ferries are now a reality in Norway and other electric vessels are coming around the world:


“I would like to see unmanned flotillas operating in the western Pacific and the Persian Gulf within five years," said former Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work.

Gee, I feel safer already!


Does that mean they will transfer the confusion from the bridge to a control room in Arizona, or somewhere?


Yes. And it also means us 'Mericans beat everybody to the automated ship dealio.


what about the “Tesla Ship” project? is this for real?https://electrek.co/2018/01/12/large-tesla-ships-all-electric-barges/


China is really getting in on the act, with some big actors in play:

Don’t know if the X-Bow indicate that Ulstein will be involved.


So Maersk is not interested in developing autonomous mega container ship, at least not in the foreseeable future:

I tend to agree. We are not going to see that type and size of autonomous ships for a long time to come. To get the rules changed and the economical advantage to kick in for large ships will take years.

But that the first Autonomous ferries, coasters and short sea ships are likely to be around already early next decade, with the first autonomous ocean crossings to follow in the next one, is a near certainty.


I received this invitation today:

I will not be going, but if any gcaptain forum members should be interested, feel free to contact as above


While not exactly ships, SpaceX drone ships are autonomous, unmanned, and self propelled DP vessels part of the time. (They are towed out to recover and towed back to port.) So I wonder, are they still barges or boats/ships?

Autonomous spaceport drone ship


How “green” is it possible to be?
The over 100 year old Bark Statsraad Lehmkuhl will be equipped with battery packs to make it able operate totally without any emission, even when the wind don’t blow:

When at home in Bergen they can charge the batteries with hydro power from the new shore power supply system there, but I presume they have to use their diesel driven generators to re-charge when at sea.


Norway is probably developing new sails with built-in solar panels to recharge the batteries.


It is totally feasible, but not sure if it is economical due to the low effect and wear and tear on a ship like the S.L.:


An article in MarineLink discussing future fuels to be used on Cruise ships and others, their merits and drawbacks:


Scottland is funding a project to study the feasibility of building a Hydrogen powered ferry for the Western Isles:

The claim that it will be the first sea-going hydrogen ferry can be disputed, depending on whether there will be one serving routes in Rogaland, Norway first:

Fiskerstrand may have a lead on developing the first one though:


Europe is forging ahead with development of electric shipping and Norway is in the forefront of this development:


I tend to agree with this article in Splash 24/7 today:

LNG is indeed only a stop gap solution, since it is still a carbon based fuel that emits CO2 when burnt.
I have said it before; Hydrogen produced with renewable energy is the way forward for shipping.


Smart engines for smart ships:
Now all we need are smart Engineers to operate the smart engines on the smart ships in a smart way, then we can see a smart future for smart shipowners.

PS> Smart Captains will not be needed, only someone to take the blame when things go wrong.