Future of ships


I fully agree with your view of things. Especially when I see the coffee cup and the friendly environment. Anyhow, in a peaceful world without war, pirates, air traffic jammers and not so sophisticated poor buggers sailing around there might be a chance for those developments. Reality is, that we are loosing our maritime brains faster than we can produce new ones.
Lots of young man and women going through our hands ended up in the company office and went to higher bidders after some years of gathering valuable knowledge. Who comes next ? The coffee cup guys ?


I am mostly worried about all the new monitoring systems. What will the office do with all the new incoming data? Hopefully not what they do now which is mostly asking dumb questions, jumping to wrong conclusions and bending statistical data to cut spending.


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Someone with fat fingers more likley.


It say multiple people flagged it before it was hidden. So are we gonna be constantly monitored and censored now? This post was not violent, personal or harassing in nature. Is this how it’s set up now that a few people don’t like a comment can flag it and it disappears? No open discussion or being called on to explain the meaning of the post? We can just get a handful of like minded people to just go around and flag all opposing views and poof? If so I know dozens of people with accounts I can just start texting them and direct them to flag all the comments I don’t like. Then we can clear all the dissenting opinions and those people in turn will flag what’s left. We will be left with nothing but deep sea diver’s cut and paste google searches and I may start flagging those out of boredom.


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Good points. Says automated so maybe the admins need to tweek the settings some or do a review before hiding. Guess in a perfect world users would only flag things truly deserving of it as if we all had a common understanding of what that is. Short of that your scenario is completely plausible. The system contains the tools of its own destruction with only human beings to prevent it. Who’s your money on?


One of the snowflakes is me, the original snowflake will remain anonymous.

Why did I flag it? For a few reasons:

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  3. because I thought it was appropriate to this thread. Specifically @celesticomper is onto something, regardless of the plausibility of robot ships, all this data is going to put a lot of eyes on the industry… what’s going to happen when watchdog groups get access to all vessel records and start “flagging” maintenance records or voyage plan routes?

It’s already happening in the fishing industry (http://gcaptain.com/google-to-track-commercial-fishing-vessels/) but that’s just the low hanging fruit… once it proves successful then grant money will be allocated to expanding the scope to commercial ships.

  1. I gives me a chance to ask that we do a better job at welcoming posts written by mariners outside the US. I will post more about this to a separate topic.


Speaking for myself I thought this thread was of intrest because of the possiblity of shifting route monitoring ashore but too many bs posts.


I was the only one to give @celesticomper a like for his post. I too Feel the same as you both about the data collection and where it will lead.

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I have no problem with your “end note” either. It was as can be expected and taken as a normal “tongue-in-cheek” comeback, not to be taken too serious.

I DO agree with John that foreigners should be taken serious to ensure a varied and independent forum, where not only the opinions of US Mariners with largely the same background and experience mainly from an American environment are the ONLY one allowed to voice an opinion.

I believe I have contributed with some opinions and facts that, shall we say; “has met with a certain degree of resistance” among the forum members.
Most of it in a good natured form, but some so outlandish it could not be taken serious. Only rarely have I been personally attacked. One of those times resulted in an entire thread being removed.

Luckily I have thick skin and do not take offence easily. Neither do I deliberately use words or terms that is insulting to others in retaliation from such attack, although some may not understand my sarcasm, or sense of humor.

Shipping and Offshore Oil & Gas are international businesses, with people from a wide range of social and cultural background serving both on the ships, rigs and in management.

A Maritime forum should reflect that fact, otherwise it becomes irrelevant to people other than of a certain nationality, with a set of opinions that only apply to a very small part of the shipping fraternity.

PS> Congratulation to Fraqrat as the first to be “flagged”. It shouldn’t be long before c.captain catches up, unless the automatic censoring system is tweaked. (Maybe me to??)


You warm my heart :heart_eyes: And don’t forget all those mostly retired share holders using the so-called “Frachtschiffreisen” for 25 bucks a day drawing circles in the seacharts and complaining about problems with the vacuum toilets ? I bet they won’t put a cent to this future. Who can afford to loose those customers ?


Back to Future of ships.
The Danish Maritime Authorities would also like to stay abreast of what is happening to the development of autonomous ships and it’s implication on laws, rules and regulations: http://www.dma.dk/Documents/Publikationer/Autonome%20skibe_DTU_rapport_UK.pdf

The Danes don’t like to be unprepared for future developments, but would like to be in the forefront on regulating the future of shipping.


So Trump is not a likely source this time then???


Not only RRM but also ABB is in the business of moving monitoring of machinery and operations ashore: http://www.bunkerportsnews.com/News.aspx?ElementId=78b7b772-014d-4f01-a08d-3d77fcde3191

As is Wartsila: http://www.wartsila.com/products/marine-oil-gas/electrical-automation/automation/remote-monitoring-and-assistance-system-rms

I have no opinion on the functionality of this technology, just noting that it is here to stay and will eventually be expanded to allow crewless ships. (Not clueless Engineers)


Flapping Foils are not a new concept, but some young researchers at NTNU in Norway believe they have cracked the code on how to put it into use as propulsion and lift on fast crafts in regular passenger service: https://www.tu.no/artikler/halefinnebevegelse-kan-revolusjonere-hurtigbatmarkedet/366047

Ultimately the idea is to develop a 300 pax craft with battery powered propulsion able to serve fairly long routes in open waters. With operators like Br.Aa on board they have come a large step forward: https://www.tu.no/artikler/katamaranen-etterligner-en-delfins-bevegelse-moter-stor-interesse-fra-industrien/378754

PS> Hope Google Translate can handle these articles without too many silly mistakes.


Inmarsat is joining into the effort of the Blue Maritime Cluster centered around Aalesund, Norway to formulate how digital disruption will transform the traditional shipping industry and open up new opportunities for ship owners, marine technology companies and others in the influential network for innovation: http://www.safety4sea.com/inmarsat-norway-join-forces-on-shipping-digitalisation/


I think we can now all agree that the technology and ability to operate vessels remotely, or even autonomously, is NOT the biggest obstacle to development, International Laws, rules and regulations are!!: http://splash247.com/autonomous-ship-regulation-bigger-challenge-technology/

How will this be overcome to be able to test the reliability and safety of such vessels in real terms? It will be done in domestic waters of Scandinavian and/or NW European countries. (Singapore doesn’t have sufficient territorial water to do so)


I asked a shortly retired captain from a german container vessel what kind of paperwork he has to submit prior to entering US ports. Here is the answer which might be not complete …
Captains paperwork 96 hrs prior to US port arrival
Notice of arrival/departure for USCG and CBP (e-NOA/D):
-voyage information
-vessel detail information
-vessel location information
-document compliance certificate
-International ship security certificate
-safety management certificate
-arrival information
-last port of call information
-departure information
-24-hrs point of contact information
-last five foreign ports/places visited
-cargo information
-crew list from all crews and passengers
Maritime health declaration
Crew’s effects declaration for Bureau of Customs and Border Protection
Tank condition
Bay plan
Cargo recapitulation
Dangerous Cargo
IMDG Summary
Tonnage sheet
Port of calls list
Ships stores declaration
Tonnage sheet
Equipment test no more than 12 hrs before reaching navigable US waters in accordance with code of Federal Regulations Title 33 Part 164.25
-primary and secondary steering gear function test
-internal vessel control communications and alarms
-emergency generator test and stand by generators test
-condition list of storage batteries for emergency lightings and power systems
-test of main propulsion ahead and astern
-operation of main steering gear from local panels (drill)
-communication bridge-steering engine room drill
Ballast water reporting form


History repeats itself.