Future marine fuels

Where’s the framework from the IMO that requires any future emission change?
Cant find it on their site do you have any links?

Seems to be like the antifoul rule that was meant to come in 2020, no ablatives or poisons, just faded away as deemed too hard.

One vote for nuclear ships:

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Interesting, thanks for sharing. Long-term, renewable diesel, which is created via a different chemical process than biodiesel, is a better fuel and can replace petroleum diesel easily, unlike biodiesel, which has a different chemical composition and usually is only blended with petroleum diesel. Renewable diesel is a rapidly-expanding market in the US.

A lot of research being done on how to decarbonize maritime (and all) shipping. Well-regarded professor, Dr McKinnon, with one of his recent talks. Lots packed into these slides but all pretty interesting. https://www.alanmckinnon.co.uk/uploaded/PDFs/Presentations/Decarbonising%20International%20Shipping%20%20(McKinnon%20KMI%2026%20Aug%202021)%20%20final%20version%20with%20weblinks.pdf

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whats it made from?

Molten Salt Reactors MAY be the future for shipping(??):

Can be made from all sorts of sources. There are a lot of US federal and state credits that make it viable currently. There is a lot of West Coast and Gulf refinery production coming online now and for the next few years. Renewable vs Biodiesel: Knowing the Difference Matters

If I were to start using nuclear energy to power a fleet in addition to the selection and training required to run the plant safely I would look at the reasons that made the shipping of LNG so safe since the first inception and apply the same leasons.

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It makes a lot of sense as I’m sure someone has thought that eventually these larger class of vessels will have the abilities to make their own fuels while under way.

perpetual motion or solar panels they are 1000 x better than today?

One more vote for bio-methanol:

And one more for green hydrogen:

PS>Financed in part by EU, although UK is no longer a member.

I’m surprised you missed this one, Ombugge:
The USA’s first hydrogen fuel-cell powered ferry. Built in Bellingham WA for the state of California, to be used in the Bay Area.

I saw this reported all over the place back in Aug. and thought I posted about it here (??)
PS> Could have been on another forum.

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Hows shipping fuel supply going to look if the industry fragments to using different fuels?
Each ports will need to supply different product via different bunker’ers
Going to add another layer of mission planning.

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Can it be done in time for 2050??:

If not:

BP = Beyond Petroleum:

Yes, it’s a long attachment. DNV puts out great stuff though. https://sea-lng.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Alternative-Marine-Fuels-Study_final_report_25.09.19.pdf