Fresh from the BST

So I know a lot of guys fresh from the BST ask a lot of stupid questions. I wanted to add my name to that list.

I really wanted to know if I’m doing the right thing. I have all my stuff together: MMC with endorsement and TWIC, and all classes are completed, including MSC government vessels class. I’m also going to take the MFP and LIFEBOATMAN. I also got the Yellow Fever Vaccine on my own dime. I took the IBU class and have been working for them. I contacted everyone in my area (Oakland) that I can think of. MFOW, SIU, SUP, and MMAP. I’m a registered member of the SUP (I HAVE MY GREEN BOOK) and just went to my first job call yesterday. I’m waiting on my SIU physical to come back I just did that last week. I also have a 100% online profile with MSC and have been steadily in contact with the recruiter.

I want to go deep see. I think I should just go work the ferries and go to the job calls at SUP drop In the SIU a few times a week and wait it out. If you have any advise for me about how to get that first job. Or if I’ve missed something Please sound off.