Flood in North west

Your site is the second one that I have emailed and I have no idea whom I should get this in front of or how to get the message out, but I am certain that it could help reduce some of the Flooding thats going on in the news.

I know this may sound a little silly, but I lived on a boat that had over 900 horsepower and just for fun, while tied up in the bayou we would run up the engines and churn up some serious water & mud from the bottom. Seeing some pictures of tugboat races and such, I know you understand what type of power we are talking about.

My idea is this.

Place MANY large tugs tied to the shoreline along the river downstream of the flood, I’m certain the line would have to make it all the way to the Gulf of Mexico (Lake Winnipeg in the case of the Red River). It would be expensive but very plausible. This would speed up the water which would allow room for the floodwater to move on downstream. Of course as the flood got nearer the tugs they might have to break away and move on downstream.
A few burned up engines to help save a few towns seems like a rather good trade.

Let’s flood the cities downstream of the “flood tugs”. Maybe if we put a bunch of tugs at all of the passes in the Mississippi River delta we could suck all of that water out of the Mississippi basin. Hell, there are a BUNCH of tugs and crew boats tied up right now. Fire’em up and put’em to good use. We could suck that river right down to normal.:stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, on the news last night they were talking about blasting the ice to let the flow of water pass. What about icebreaking tugs? There have got to be some around here, or at least tugs that can get up and churn up the water to break up the ice, which might help with the water level.

If you live in a flood basin you should expect flooding. Just like if you live in tornado alley you should expect tornadoes, if you live in California you should expect earth quakes, or if you live in Alaska it might just get cold in the winter. Perhaps for the same cost of putting a bunch of tugs in the river running 24/7 maybe it should be invested in better levies.