Fireman Sam: Too Exclusive (PC again)

This delightful tidbit cropped up in the paper:

It might not resonate with Americans who didn’t grow up with this guy on TV, but to me it was a jarring reminder that times are changing.

Mark my words, you’ll soon be hearing from HR for yelling “man overboard”. How would it be for the woman, ladyboy or person-identifying-as-dolphin to feel excluded from the crew as they bob in the wake?

I made that last comment in jest, but it seems that others take it more seriously. No industry sources, though, which must be taken as a sigh of good health.
Wikipedia Talk
Cruising World Magazine Glossary
The Annapolis Book of Seamanship

Why does this shit bother you so much? Is it having demonstrably negative impacts on your life?

Because it is tyrannical, counter productive shit.

Yes. Even though my collar is a most resplendent shade of blue, this shit has trickled all the way down to my circles. It limits my freedom of expression in ways I have to actively observe, and there is no running away from it.

It is making our language uglier, and I care about language.

Of course it bothers me.