Fire Extinguisher Numbering System

Fire hose stations are almost always numbered from forward to aft from the lowest deck up (starting at the forward end of the lowest deck counting aft, then moving up to the next deck forward most and counting aft, etc).

Now, for the life of me, I can’t remember how fire extinguishers have been numbered on previous vessels and they aren’t numbered on my current vessel. I think I remember them being numbered starting on the uppermost level working down but I’m not sure.

How are they numbered on your vessels?

On the ships I’ve sailed on for the last 20+ years neither the fire stations and extinguishers were numbered but are listed by deck, side and frame number. Inside the ship the frame numbers are labeled at intervals so things can be located.

On my ship the bridge is #1 and it goes from there, all the way down the house, into the engine room, and then the ones on deck and then the focsle. No frame numbers involved.

Is that because whomever made up the original list started at the bridge, counting and numbered the extinguishers accordingly?

Probably. Or the first person who did it on the first ship started there. 12 ships that are all the same - most of the safety stuff got passed from one 3m to another.

Do you stencil the deck and frame number onto the extinguishers so you know what extinguisher goes where?

No, the list of extinguishers that shows the type and location, it might have a line number but nothing stenciled on the stations or on the extinguishers.

They typically would not get moved around except when taken ashore and when they are returned they are just put in any matching bracket. CO2 in CO2 and dry chem in dry chem.

The list gives location by space, side, deck etc. The frame number is only useful in big spaces like the car decks. Location can also be found using the fire plan.

ABS/USCG never complained about that?

Not that I know of. Nobody ever numbered them. They are identified by location.

The regulation for that:

“ 46 CFR 97.37-23 Hand portable fire extinguishers.
(a) Each hand portable fire extinguisher shall be marked with a number and the location where stowed shall be marked with a corresponding number at least 1/2 inch high. Where only one type and size of hand portable fire extinguisher is carried, the numbering may be omitted.”

Doesn’t apply to PCCs brought under US flag from foreign.