FESCO contacts?

Does anyone have any HR contact info for FESCO?

These people?
Contact us today to learn more about all of our ocean and logistics services between North America and Russia or for a free analysis of your shipping needs.
[B]FESCO Agencies North America
[/B]1000 Second Avenue, Suite 1310
Seattle, WA 98104
[B]Tel:/B 583-0860
[B]Fax:/B 583-0889
[B]Toll Free:[/B]800-275-3372 [B]
E-Mail:[/B] sales@fesco-na.com
[B]FESCO Logistics North America
[/B] 1000 Second Avenue, Suite 1310
Seattle, WA 98104
[B]Tel:/B 625-8700
[B]Fax:/B 625-8790
[B]E-Mail:[/B] sales@fesco-na.com
[B]Transfes Maritime Agency[/B]
1B Nizhneportovaya St.
Vladivostok, 690003, Russia
[B]Tel:[/B] +7 (4232) 497053
[B]E-Mail:[/B] transfes@tma.ru
[B]FESCO Lines Management Ltd, 40th Flr [/B]
248 Queen’s Road East
Wanchai, Hong Kong
[B]DDI:[/B] 852 2119 8651
[B]MOB:[/B] 852 6299 1463
[B]Faxl:[/B] 852 2581 1234
[B]Transorient, Seoul[/B]
7/F Seoul Bar Association Bld., 160
Dangju-Dong Chongro-Ku, Seoul 110-071 Korea
[B]Tel:[/B] (82-02) 7302212
[B]Fax:[/B] (82-02) 7345925, (82-02) 7345926
[B]E-Mail:[/B] dgcwj@hmm.co.kr
[B]FESCO Logistics Moscow[/B]
39/2, 3-rd floor Prospekt Mira
Moskow, 129110, Russia
[B]Tel:[/B] + 7 (495) 5807061
[B]Fax: [/B]+ 7 (495) 5189689
[B]E-Mail:[/B] vmalovatsky@fl.fesco.ru

yes but crewing or HR contacts…

Hi George- I googled Fesco Hr- found some contacts… but you have to contact them through linkedin. If you’re not a member- it’s free to sign up…

Good luck:)