Feds to reroute SF Bay ships to protect whales

SF pilots have a hard enough time with the current route, now they have to mean a new one…

The proposed traffic lane changes are well before the pilot station, so pilots are unaffected. The western lane gets a slight change in heading, and the northern lane is extended beyond Pt Reyes to inhibit vessel traffic over the Cordell Bank.
BTW, the International Whaling Commission has a very different set of Blue Whale population numbers than the numbers from PRBO Conservation Science which were used to help justify traffic lane changes.

It was sarcasm

Well written reply.
VTS San Francisco will see the brunt of the problem:


The VTS San Francisco Offshore Sector area is defined as the navigable waters of the Pacific Ocean within a 38 nautical mile radius of Mount Tamalpais (37°55.8’N 122°34.6’W), excluding the San Francisco Offshore Precautionary Area,
The VTS San Francisco Offshore Sector is depicted on charts 18640 and 18680 as a counter-clockwise arc starting at the shoreline near Bodega head, crossing Cordell Bank, continuing counter clockwise approximately 30 nautical miles west of the San Francisco Sea Buoy, then curving to the shoreline near Pescadero Point