Fast food in Fourchon

I’m just spit balling here but how about a floating KFC / Taco Bell/ McDonald’s for dah bayou. Or has this been discussed already.

Don’t know if it’s been discussed on here, but it’s sure been discussed on every boat I’ve been on.

Outfit an old G boat with pizza ovens and a grill, order online, by phone or by VHF … delivery by skiff/zodiac or stern - up and carry-out. Also: cigs, dip, gloves, sunglasses … my be a red box - type kiosk on the deck. Bumboat Pies.

Well according to all you guys that would definitely require a VTS.

There used to be a bread boat in the Canadian San Juans that made and sold bread fresh baked goods / breads. You would go out and pick from the selections.

Wife been nagging me for years since to give it all up for a Bread Boat life.

And I thought I was already on the [I]Bread Boat[/I].

If the Mayor of Fouchon liked McDonalds, there would be one. Maybe it could be a locally owned joint…call it Chouesticles or something. There could be a TWIC Tuesday. Show your TWIC and get a Sac Au Lait smoothie, or free size upgrade on some nutria nuggets.

Some fresh delivered gratons would be nice. This could be a golden opportunity for c.captain and his orca. Of course once people found out who he was the would run his ass over. One can dream though.

One can dream about the gratons or c-captain getting run over?

Da boatofem!


Pizza! On time delivery 30 minutes or less or well it’s cold pizza.