Famous old cartoon of a ship

Yes, it is a bit hard to see. You need some phantasy. It is a human being because it has shoes and socks and pant/short. He is tied in a knot, a bit exaggerated, and is just thrown high and out by the strong guy in the ring.

I thought it was a bear with many legs. Love my pups.

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Ship’s dog = Waldo

Always looking for the dog in addition to the ever present guy stirring the can of paint.

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Challenging my eyesight Seadog. But gosh I will look again for that. And I thought NY Times Crosswords were tough.

As long as this thread has gone to the dogs…
The Admiral’s mutt prefers to stay on the beach and prepare a gift for his master.


And the rats!!

Something like this happened on a Matson ship many, many years ago.

The fellow stirring the Sigma paint bucket, the dog and at least one rat is present.

Only one rat? That’s not normal. Maybe a pussy cat boarded the ship and has not been spotted yet.

Maybe bug was talking about 4 legged rats.

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Yes. Of the species “Rattus Norvegicus”.

On closer scrutiny I spotted several more.

Yes one fat one was spotted in post # 92. Faith unknown.


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Here, the four-legged crew member seems to be a Beagle (a Snoopy).

The fellow with the paint bucket is even at the Zoo, but the rats are missing on both of the last two.

The rats leave always before all others.
Hence, before the picture was stamped…