Facebook Messenger

Is everybody’s FB MSNGR down?

Facebook is down right now (last 2-3 hours). You can get status from downrightnow.com if you have a browser.

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Rumor has it they somehow delisted their DNS ?


Oh well, back to email. Somewhere out there, there’s a crew change that’s gonna be delayed because of it.

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I heard a rumor that there are these giant disc shaped vessels orbiting the planet.


This is so sad? Without Facebook how will the boomers know what their old high school buddy’s cousin new puppy is doing? Hope it gets back up asap?


Haha! The messenger portion works really well for voice calls through shitty boat wifi. I deactivated the Facebook part long ago in small part due to what you just said.

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It’s true! There are lot’s of them in a pattern.

It’s back up. The aliens left!

Oh look, they put a bowtie on him! He’s so cute I couldn’t have went another hour without seeing him.