Extrajudicial killing of pirates... is it ok?


The UN security council is urging establishment of a piracy court: <http://www.UN.org/apps/news/story.aap?newsid=38073&cr=piracy&cr1=>


In the news today, Somali pirates accept a multi-million dollar ransom then release the ship. However the pirates did not release their Indian hostages. This is in retaliation for India’s capture of pirates in recent months.

The stakes get even higher…


Caesar & the pirates…


[QUOTE=Rob Almeida;48432]Unconfirmed reports indicate extrajudical killing of pirates has occurred. Considering the fact pirates, by definition, are lawless people, is it ok to kill pirates, or suspected pirates, without trial?[/QUOTE]

Never thougth a granola-crunching, tree hugging, uber-liberal, save-the-whales type like me would say this but, yes!!! :eek: