Epoxy for widespread filler, decks

Don’t disagree regarding the white hulls. That was way overdue, look at the age of the vessels they are replacing. Same for the icebreakers. A nephew of mine was a chief on one of the older boats before he got shore duty in Maine. He liked the job and the ship but all he could do to keep it running and procure parts… Perhaps it is wishful thinking the inspector group tones it up a bit,I hope not. As the sharp ones retire, a good teaching pool dwindles.

And that is the whole point, they were never funded for or intended to be a second Navy, DEA, DHS, ATF, and every other alphabet agency police force you can think of.

The CG used to do great things for mariners and the marine industry, now they are just a very sad joke at everything besides search and rescue.

I think all the pile-on pseudo cop crap should be returned to the agencies that were purportedly formed to manage those issues and the CG should go back to and stick to lifesaving and steamship inspection. Well, maybe not ship inspection since so damn few of them know what a ship is anymore.

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when you go back to the DW horizon and the USCG boss explaining why they haven’t done their job and inspect the foreign flag semi’s the boss said if we used all available crew and boats we still couldnt get the job done, it would take years with the current staff and vessel number

Powerabout, that’s my opinion as well,overtasked, undermanned,and underfunded. How to fix it is way above my pay grade. Perhaps this should go to a different thread than Epoxy repairs. But, we probably have already been there.

Bondo absorbs water. If you want less hydrophilic polyester resin the special Bondo (or equivalent auto body filler) with aluminum filler (I’ve heard the regular is clay) is better, but starts to cost a lot. You can buy epoxy in bulk quantities.

Why do so many people suggest anything other than a legitimate epoxy marine fairing compound used by shipyards all over the world?

because epoxy costs more

Try splash zone comes in A+B 1 gal Cans great stuff, easy to work with and bonds well