Energy independence will sink!

Due to stress cracks in all the cargo holds just a matter of time before this shit box from keystone goes tits up ----- edmund fitz needs company.

Maybe now people will understand you shouldnt over load cargo holds, and those fiber glass life boats and life rafts or gumby suit will not save your life!!!

If your on this ship by life insurance . As much as possible!!!

You mean Energy Enterprise? Last time I visited I thought I was on the set of a Tim Burton movie.

Is Frank in Engineering still there?

Energy Enterprise (Independence) was the ship that replaced the Marine Electric. It was due to replace the ME shortly before the ME sank much like the Isla Buena was due to replace the El Faro.

It is certainly a rust bucket from my observations.

Sad Day seeing the Energy Enterprise go like this. First "Real"ship I ever step foot on.

I had no idea she had been scrapped. She came in here often to load coal.