Elaine Luria - Top Shipbuilding Advocate....Seriously?

Clearly whoever wrote the article on GCaptain about Elaine Luria doesn’t live within the 2nd District of Virginia! She’s been nothing more than Nancy Pelosi’s puppet, spending her time in office being part of the farce that’s the Jan 6 Commission. As for the article, could they have please listed how in fact she has helped US Shipbuilding? Clearly abortion rights was the primary intent of the article. And for the interview with the owner of Chapman’s Market…could someone please explain to him the difference between filling an open Justice seat and packing the court?

“**The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” George Orwell - 1984

The Mango Mussolini isn’t coming back. Get over it.

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If MM was a dictator, he wrote only 69 executive orders. The current dictator has torched the economy & written 103. . . Personally, I don’t recall MM mandating experimental vaccines to DOD - and dismissing service personnel, while recruiting is down; expending 35% of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to buy votes, and shutting down US oil production [which provides income to US workers, and conforms to EPA regulations] while trying to get Saudi & Venezuela [who don’t have an EPA or climate agenda] to produce more oil. Sounds to me like you might not be too neutral of an observer, shipmate. Just saying.

As far as Elaine? If I consider “single issue”, she seems to be striking the right chord with US Naval Shipbuilding. The “Davidson Window”, and current US Naval policy seems to be divergent. We don’t have enough ships; don’t have enough VLS’s; and don’t have the “will”.

The Navy can’t build enough 1.8 billion dollar Burkes to protect a 13.3 billion dollar Ford. The navy needs more bottoms.