Eco, lets give them a break

Also guys don’t come down on nicky collins, he get 5,000 calls and e mails a day, I do understand everyone just wanna work trust me I do to, but we gotta give him some room to work, I can only imagine the calls he get, nicky is a good man, yes I only seen him once, but I could tell he has an heart of gold, job or no job im proud to know their is a great guy somewhere trying, I hope u guys let up off him he is only one man, just keep god first and everything will work out fir the best, smooth sailing guys

Ditto on the above post! I was sitting in the reception area and watched him help guys that did not even have their OS or TWIC! He ran them through the process and answered all of their questions. I was the last one in the reception area and came up to me, he did not know me, nor he I. He treated me with respect and courtesy during my interview and hiring process. I also watched him take several calls from people that were NOT quite nice to him and each and every time he rose above and responded with professionalism.

Just remember:He IS a hard man to get ahold of and is VERY busy.

Yes he is, and like you said he is a good man, I can only dream about.the calls and talks he do everyday, just knowing that alone puts a smile on my face,