Dynamic Positioning 101- Heading alteration & speed

This week we are going to look at a particular DP function, when using the Kongsberg system. Although it is a fairly simple point it is one that can still cause some confusion, even for some experienced operators.

That function is changing the ship… Click HERE to read the full blog article.

Very good information Sean. I have changed my COR on various occasions whenever we have a hose attached to the vessel and need to change the heading without moving away the hose causing a potential situation.

It is a simple point, but one that has confused a DPO or two.
Never hurts to review the basics from time to time!

Good post. I don’t know the first thing about DP and read the post with interest. I was wondering if the point called the CG is the term used in this field? Is it the same as the pivot point?

quick fix I have utilized: on DP watch always know where the present heading/present postion set buttons are located so if she starts to get away from you there’s a quick fix. alternatively, remember how much you “put on” so you can immediately take the same off. NB all these are just to cover your ass in case you lose situational awareness.