Dutch winter fun

My neighbor is an inland waterway man. Thanks heaven for that because we can talk about ships which you cannot with all those landlubbers around, they simply have no idea what a ship is and what it can do and not can do.

He has a tug which is equipped with an ice breaking bow. The tug can break ice up to 40 cm. He has a permanent contract for this area with the waterway authorities for already more than 20 years. The way it works is that the ships ‘leans’ on the ice which is broken by the weight of the ship. An inland waterway ship’s bow cannot do this, it has to push away large plates of ice causing damage to the bow and also causes harm to ships moored alongside the waterway.



This photo clearly shows what an ice breaking bow looks like.


The Spes as the leader of the pack…

Not Dutch but winter fun still:


What, no Subarus?

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