Dual COI?

Hello all,

I have a boat in Massachusetts that has a COI for cape-cod bay (bays, lakes and sounds) up to 56 passengers on a tour/party boat.

I am looking to expand the business by doing the same services in SW Florida (Tampa bay, clearwater or port charlotte )

In regards to obtaining a COI for the vessel in Florida, is it an amended COI or a new separate COI for the Florida waters.

Sounds like something the local OCMI would be able to answer (and their answer is really the only one that matters).

That being said, my gut says that the vessel can only have one COI so it would be an amendment to the existing one.

46 CFR § 2.01-5 - Certificate of inspection

(c) Amending certificates. When, because of a change in the character of the vessel or vessel’s route, equipment, etc., the vessel does not comply with the requirements of the Certificate of Inspection previously issued, an amended certificate may be issued at the discretion of the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, to whom a request is made.

Even if you keep your old COI you will have to have the vessel inspected by OCMI in your new area, prior to operating.

You will also have to revise all of your required “plans” like security, spill response etc for the new area.

Ask me how I know this:)