Drug test after medical procedure

A friend recently had some serious nose surgery. He was told his nose was numbed with a medical cocaine and put on an oxycodone acetaminophen pain medication. Is there a recommended procedure or time frame to wait before going back to work. He is subject to random drug tests. Probably better to address the problem before it occurs.

Get a note from the doctor that states what was administered and when. In theory if they’re tested and pop positive the medical review officer should contact them and seek clarification. A standing prescription and note from surgery should cover them. If its months later, not so much.

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He should not return to work with any of that stuff in his system and cross his finger that he won’t get tested. Opiates flush out in a matter of days, he should wait till they’re gone.

I think cocaine leaves the system fairly quick as well.

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Thanks for the responses. I will tell him to get a letter from his doctor and keep his prescriptions. Sounds like his fit for duty letter will be issued about a week after the prescription runs out. So hopefully that’s out of his system by then. I personally didn’t realize some doctors use cocaine to numb mouth and nose pain.

True story: Back in the bad old days/good old days, doctors dealt with severe nose bleeds by packing the nostril with cocaine. The astringent qualities of the drug stopped the bleeding, while the cocaine-proprieties of the cocaine prevented you from caring about the bleeding.

Obviously a procedure no longer followed.

It’s been a staple in opthalmology, don’t know if it still is.

In 1975, doing a two-week rotation overnight watch at the front desk of the Portsmouth (New Hampshire) Naval Hospital, I signed for a package containing six ounces of cocaine hydrochloride for Opthalmology, at the government price of $32 per ounce.

Granted it turned out that the opthalmologist was putting it up his nose, so to say…

It was in the early 90s. I came in second in a fight an needed a few stitches around my eye. The doc had these swabs that were pre-soaked in a cocaine solution. I told him to tell me when he started and he replied that he was half way done! I asked if I would fail a drug test and he said yes but that he would give me a letter.

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The man won’t let us have fun anymore.
A mixture of cocaine and alcohol used to be sold in drugstores for help in getting babies to sleep when they were teething and their mamas could swill some laudanum, a blend of opium and morphine, when they got the “vapors”.

I’ve read that Bayer named diacetylmorphine Heroin because it was going to save the world from morphine addiction. Perhaps it did.

It’s still in medical use in the UK and perhaps other places. I think UK calls it diamorphine.

Yeah, by replacing it with something just as addictive. Drug companies don’t mind if a drug they have on the market has negative effects. It gives them the opportunity to come up with a new drug to combat the effect and thus sell more drugs. It’s a bottomless pit of opportunity.

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Kind of crazy now when you put as much effort into making sure your ass is covered as to making sure you get better.

It was a less cynical age, I think, and quite a surprise when far from being nonaddictive as thought, it turned out to be more addictive than morphine. Remember this was twenty years or so before there was any regulation whatsoever on opiates, and Heroin was sold over the counter. And I believe it’s still the best cough suppressant going.

Incidentally five years later the same company introduced Aspirin.

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