Drilling complications

hey, friends i have created a thread to discuss drilling complications here.
As we are drilling a vertical well in north east India, we are facing huge complications here. Need suggestions from expert guys here. Pls come in for discussion.

Drilling is very complicated. Discussion complete.

Check that your cement contractor is performing and recording the proper testing. Make sure you are using the correct type and quantity of spacers. If the company man blows off any legitimate concerns exercise your stop work authority.

The basic problems that we learn from our experience us follows.
[li]You have to get all the rock cuttings out of the hole, which is rather difficult when the hole gets deep.
[/li][li]Cutting through rock wears away the drill bit and drill pipe so you have to keep replacing equipment.
[/li][li]A lot of heat builds up when you drill through rock, so a significant amount of bit cooling is required.
[/li][li]Many rocks aren’t very stable, so the hole may try to collapse.
[/li][li]It’s hard to see through rock, so you often don’t know where you’re drilling.
[/li][li]Most sedimentary rocks contain pressurized fluid in the pore spaces between grains, and those fluids want to flow up the borehole and cause a dangerous blowout.
[/li][li]Subterranean minerals often leach toxic or radioactive materials, so the drilling equipment & fluids can become hazardous to handle.
our company AV Drilling is doing drilling and boring services for more than five years,we face these complications while drilling.

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