Does Harley operate ATBs in the Gulf?

I see that Harley is running a lot of help wanted ads again, including for an ATB captain in the Gulf. I have seen one Harley ATB on the West Coast, and hear that there is another, but I have not heard about any other Harley ATBs.

Does Harley have any ATBs in the Gulf?

first two on the west coast and I think the 3rd one Conrad is building is going to be in the gulf should be out soon.

There will be 2 operating on the east coast for the time being. The Barry Silverton and soon the Gulf Venture. They are looking at pinning some existing tow wire boats and building some new ATBs that i believe will be split between the east and west coast. The Jake Shearer is operating on the west coast.

I heard the Barry Silverton had one tough trip to Boston according to my sources. Multiple days stuck at their berth for a nonsense breakdown and then hitting a moored vessel in the cape cod canal.

If I get laid off I know where I can get a job.

yes, especially since they seem willing to hire anyone

I do have a little experience towing things.

too bad, because they need people who can push them

My bad, I can also push things across the water.

no big deal, sounds like you have a solid plan if jeaux lets you go

That was them. Damn.

yes, it was allegedly their debut performance too.

They just ordered 2 new ATB barges to be built on the west coast at gunderson the building shall continue

No wonder they are always hiring.

I just follow the barge in front of me

The last time I drove a tugboat I hit a ship with it.

did the bell ring?

Oh we took that damn bell down a looooong time ago.

[QUOTE=z-drive;184484]no big deal, sounds like you have a solid plan if jeaux lets you go[/QUOTE]

I don’t work for Jeaux. Get your facts straight or contact Scooter for guidance.

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