Does anyone know the Federal / State easement on the GICWW?

More specifically on the Freeport, TX section.



Check with Brazoria County Clerks office for plats of the area. You can access on line if you have an account.

I got windbound, like I do 500 times a trip, around the Freeport Intersection. My chart shows government property where I landed. A certain company saw me land and wait for an assist boat to pick up my head and get in the hole at Old River.
They sent some kind of letter to another certain company that we subcontract for saying I ran arground on “their” property.

I beg to differ.

I dropped my head in on a good flat stretch of the GICWW that did not have any signs or fences marking specific “property” lines.

Even if they do claim “property” in that area, unless I am in their “facility” or land on one of their docks they can send letters till they run out of ink as far as I am concerned.

Just want to cover bases with USCG if I end up needing to.

Grounding is when you cant get it off. Windbound is when you cant get it off without an assist boat or the wind letting up.

We don’t report controlled landings on government property to stby for wx.

I am pretty sure the federal government claims a certain amount of linear footage for an easement. They let people build and do what ever on it but if they need to dig it up or change it around…well…sorry charlie.

Kind of like the county road that runs by my house. I can mow the grass and keep it looking nice but if the county decides to come by and ditch it out and cut down all my tree their aint a damn thing i can do about it.

they claim 20’ either side of the center of the county road.

anyway it’s probably a moot point by now. just cyoa’n.