Does anybody know the entity that is now keeping tabs on US Merchant Marines

Does anybody know the entity that is now keeping tabs on US Merchant Marines. It used to be Marine Index Bureau. Then they shifted the blame to Pretiem services who then sold out to Hirecheck who now redirects you to First Advantage. When MIB was running the show you could call up and request a copy of your “confidential” file by faxing in a copy of your ID and typing out an official request and then signing at the bottom.

Now you get sent on a wild goose chase with 4 different companies all passing the buck to the next. When you go to their websites they only have a log in for employers that are willing to pay for their services.

The last time I requested my MIB Hirecheck said they had no file on me. But then when I went to get another job Higman Marine had a copy of my MIB. They had some damaging information that I was not allowed to view or dispute.
When MIB was running the show you could request an investigation of anything you believed to be untrue or unfair. And you could also add up to a 100 word statement of you own to dispute any bogus crap in your file.
I don’t think it is by accident that I am getting sent on a wild goose chase. And if an employer can gain access to priveledged info by me signing off on a consumer report release then shouldn’t I be able to view this file or at least be given the reporting agency’s information so I may contact them for a copy of said report?
That is after all the law under the fair credit reporting act. And freedom of information act.
But it seems that the coonass mafia has again found loophole to keep you from accessing their blacklist by sending you on a wild goose chase.
Internet searches only lead to dead web pages or login pages a potential employee is not allowed to access. And when you do chase down the culprit they tell you they do not have a file on you. This may be true but some division there of that you can not seem to access or contact obvioulsy does. “I am sorry, Sir. I am not sure what you are referring to.” By God some one knows what the hell I am refering to because they know more about me than I know about myself before I even sit down in the frickin hot seat.

I will see what I can find out from the union.

Mike Bollinger,

this maybe what you are looking for??

[quote=seadawg;22320]Mike Bollinger,

this maybe what you are looking for??[/quote]

So here I am, reading today’s posts. And I come across this. I think this would be a good idea to check into it. Well I called the number listed on the First Advantage website. Select extension 8, per the website. This nice sounding woman answers the phone (whom I can barely hear). I told her that I would like to order a copy of my employment history. She told me that they do not offer this service to individuals. The web site does state:

“[U]PLEASE NOTE[/U]: First Advantage Background Services Corp. will only have a record on you if it has conducted a background check on you for one of its client companies/organizations that you work for, contracted with, volunteer for or have applied to for employment.”

Orwellian, ain’t it?

Capt. Brian,

I was able to obtain a copy of what they had on file by calling and explaining that I was conducting an employment search, faxing a completed form and a copy of my drivers license…much easier than my dealings with NMC!!

[COLOR=blue][FONT=Bookman Old Style][SIZE=3][COLOR=Black]MIB was apparently acquired quite some time ago by a company called “ISO Claimsearch”. As I understand it, they continue to provide a similar service, only with an expanded data base. Practically speaking, it is my understanding that “ISO Claimsearch” is not used as much as the old MIB (at least, by the traditional maritime larger companies). I have never actually seen one of the “ISO Claimsearch” reports.
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[COLOR=blue][FONT=Bookman Old Style][SIZE=3][COLOR=Black]The traditional MIB membership used to be Underwriters, Employers and Maritime defense counsel but my understanding is that the membership is now only open to employers and underwriters. These records would be subject to the subpoena process of the court in any filed action.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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[COLOR=blue][FONT=Bookman Old Style][SIZE=3][COLOR=Black]I hope this helps.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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I appreciate the link to First Advantage. I hope this is the file I am looking for. I also checked into MIB/ISO. You can request a copy of your file for a small fee. This file mostly contains any information on you if you have ever filed a workers comp claim, been sued, or are suing someone else or a company. I don’t think it contains your employment history and whether or not a company would rehire you or not. All of this information used to be contained in one file kept by MIB. Not anymore. Now you have to go through first advantage if you want to see what the coonass mafia has on you for an employment history and possible blacklist. You get an MIB/ISO file if you are not sure if a past workers comp. claim is affecting your eligibility for employment. With either file the information is only kept on file for 7 years. Anything older than 7 years is deleted except for a bankruptcy.

this might be of interest??

I would like to know who this assosiation is so that I could request a copy of my file. They have to provide you with one if you can track them down. It is law. I guess I will just have to wait until I apply to my next mafia job and use my spy camera to see what is in this damn thing. I know exactly what the old MIB used to look like. I still have an old copy. But the new one I am sure is different. And there is a pre offer and a post offer version. I questioned Pretiem about this and they played dumb.

But I know from previous experience there is a post offer version. I got a hr guy to show it to me once. This was several years ago. Maybe things have changed but I think the copy they send us is a little watered down. I have ordered mine though hirecheck/pretiem and I am waiting to see what it says. I know each time it changed entities they screwed mine up and I had to file disputes to get is right so prospective employers were not getting bogus info on me.