Does anybody know of any jobs going anywhere

I’m an AB unlimited w/stcw also have the HAZWOPR 24 but not on my certificate, will take anything at this point just to get some money coming in.

I think MSC is still looking hard for AB’s as is NOAA. If you don’t find anything however consider filing complaints with the US Coast Guard for allowing OCS jobs reserved by law to be filled by US citizen seafarers to be filled by foreigners and comment on the proposed rulemaking giving US recognition to the STCW certificates of foreign seafarers to serve on US flagged vessels.

Hey Capt Blighe. Try Grand River Navigation and ask for Bill Penn.4409302024. Its a Great Lakes bulker outfit. Good luck.

MSC just opened the 3rd Mate announcement today, and OS advancement to AB progarm is open; many other jobs open as well…

it appears as thoughGrand River Navigation has 2 AB’s waiting to sail but thank for the suggestion

Thanks for sharing. It’s great

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You might want to keep that number anyway. Sometimes things happen. People get sick and need time off or get fired. Good luck.