Diesel fuel shortage

Yesterday I received a text from a small tug operator on the East Coast desperately trying to find 10K of diesel fuel so he can put his tug on a job.

My own company which delivers small parcel of petroleum products has not been able to load at certain terminals because they have no diesel inventory. Mainly Kinder Morgan which is served by pipelines and has deep draft berths.

Plaza Marine a popular dock for tugs to purchase diesel has no inventory.

My ship buddy says his ship was paying $380 a ton for bunkers prior to Ukraine war, no is paying over $1100.

Has the shortage affected your company operations?

Guys from down South, is there really a shortage or are they playing games with inventory at the refinery level?

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One ‘game’ being played is exporting refined product while prices soar here. Might that change soon?

Don’t get me started!