Definition of qualifying sea time


I know there was a past post about the new definition of qualifying sea time. What is it and where can I find it?


Click on “search” in the menu bar at the top of the page. Search “comments”


I tried that and I still did not find it.


Mr. Cavo?


Mr. Cavo? I do not understand. I am not Mr. Cavo.


Qualifying for what? What qualifies depends on what you’re after.


Mr Cavo,

If I am a 500GT Upon Oceans and get hired on as a BCO & work my way into DPO on a semi-submersible- can I count these days as sea days? Please clarify how the licensed deck crew renew their tickets on these rigs. Confused how “underway” works with this. If a DPO that holds a Masters ticket is “maneuvering”, does this count towards seatime for a renewal/upgrade towards higher license? What about a BCO? Again, is this a position that qualifies for seatime? Not trying to find a loophole but would not want to loose the ability to renew my Masters ticket when the time comes because I don’t have the seatime requirements.

Appreciate the clarification. Trying to decide my best options out there.


You get 12 hour days on a DP rig, but not as a 500ton master. You should get recency of service to maitain your license, but why not upgrade to 3rd? You have the tonnage.
I see your name “Suba”. I have a technical dive in a few hours. The only dive in the world with a WWII ship sunk on top of a WWI ship. Hopefully with no tigers.


Looks like that Guam gig is working out!!!


Well what size vessel do you need to be on. How may hours a day on it do you need to be. I have been looking for the CG document that states this and i can not seem to find it.



Are you diving in Chuuk? (Truk Lagoon?) Spent alot of time diving there. Where is there a WWII on top of a WWI? Love to know the history behind that!


No, he’s diving on Tokai Maru, WWII Japanese freighter sunk by a lucky shot through the Apra harbor opening by a US sub. It came to rest on top of Cormoran, a German steamer scuttled by it’s crew the same day the US entered WW I. I dove those in 1987-90. fantastic dives, but stay on the outside, unless you’re an experienced wreck diver. I’m thinking hull integrity 20 years later is shot.


Retired Rat, I didn’t dive anything in Guam when I was there, just bounced through to the outer islands. All have superb diving. Hey, how do I get back to that part of the world???