Deepwater Horizon Local News Coverage

Dear All

I work for Steadfast TV    in London,  on  Code Red  Salvage, for National Geographic International Intl.

The series follows a salvage team from Smit, through their various operations around the world. One the episodes features Smit attempting to salvage the Deepwater Horizon.

Before I go any further let me emphasise we fully understand the sensitive nature of this subject matter but our programme is simply looking at the realities and the practicalities of mounting a salvage operation. We are concentrating on the initial 72 hours after the blast, with an emphasis on the first 36 hours ( I understand blast occurred around 9.45 pm ET on 20 April?). We will not be looking at the subsequent political and environmental developments of the story, nor will we be apportioning blame for the accident.

In order to illustrate our story and punctuate our timeline, we are looking for any news bulletins of the event, from first reports to further developments, during the first 3 days.
What we hope to do is intercut shots of anchors and reporters delivering ’ unconfirmed news coming in…’ and ’ more on the Deepwater Horizon…’, etc, to the camera, to punctuate the timeline of our story.

So I was wondering if you or anyone that you know of has kept an archive of recordings of your local TV news reports on the accident.

We will not use any footage in the finished programme without approval of the relevant news channels, at this stage we just want to use it for research.

USCG have given us all the location shot footage that they have so if anyone knows of any other footage from the first 72 hours please let me know.

Many thanks

Mani Shirazi
Film Researcher
Steadfast TV