Deck safety module questions for 1600 master

Well I have successfully completed all modules for my 1600 masters except deck safety. I haven’t really prepared for it as I focused more on the modules requiring 90%. My plan is to get more familiar with the CFR’s at the library, and use the practice questions on hawsepipe program.

Any other tips? I have been studying at Fletcher’s but Capt Bruce is on vacation until the 5th and I’d rather not wait that long for one module…

Why not just take it? The answers are all in the CFRs. So what if you fail? You will probably pass, you only need a 70%.

I did. Missed by one. Going to study over the weekend.

Use the gCaptain thread search. Search dinocet. It’s something I posted a while back. It’s the only reason I passed deck safety. Simple memory aid that works.

Want the questions?

Online USCG question database

I don’t like the quizes format, but I can email the excell doc with “all” the questions from when they were posted from the CG. I also have “hotsheets” of recently used questions.