David Connolly For Paddy Wagon


We need new leadership and not embezzlement.


Who the hell is David Connolly? Some Union thug?


Vice President, Sailor’s Union of the Pacific (SUP)


If he’s an American Maritime union official, that’s about the same as saying “mafia thug that’s screwing over the people he’s supposed to be representing to line his pockets,” just a little worse than a Congressman.


David Connolly is now running for President of the SUP. His accomplishments
include creating a 401K for himself and assigning the costs to the membership
at the rate of thousands of dollars a year per member. The fees are outrageous
and steal both gains and principal on a pre-tax basis. He writes sophomoric boiler plate
policy instead of hiring professional union attorneys which cost members their healthcare
benefits. He breaks federal law and his oath of office by personally blacklisting members
who stand up for their rights while shipping jobs to his favorites off the dispatch board. It
is rumored that he will manage the union into bankruptcy for cash and a permanent position
at the SIU. A review of his personal finances, Connolly Trust, begs for a forensic audit of
the Union and its current and former administrators. A reading of the union rag, West Coast
Sailors, has union officials admitting to RICO violations of Labor Fund Embezzlement. As long
as money flows in envelopes to certain political parties and friendly investigators, frauds like
David Connolly can continue parading naked corruption to the membership and the world.
The Five Families of New Your were taken down on less evidence than what is admitted to
in the West Coast Sailors.


What all these union thugs do is so we’ll known, and they have been doing it for so long, I cannot understand why federal prosecutors and the members continue to fail to hold these thugs accountable.

The first thing membership needs to do is stop electing these thugs.



A woman working for the Sailors Union of the Pacific welfare fund was charged with stealing 400,000 in a six-year check-writing scheme, according to court records and published reports.

Herma Mercado Gines, an account administrator with SUP Welfare Plan Inc., is in San Francisco County Jail facing seven counts of felony grand theft and one count of embezzlement.According to a complaint filed in the San Francisco Municipal Court, a routine audit conducted in June turned up a handful of disbursement checks Ms. Gines had written without supporting claims documents. A police investigation revealed a trail of concealed disbursements dating back to December 1990, according to the complaint.

The SUP represents unlicensed seafarers sailing with American President Lines, Matson Navigation and a few smaller lines.

The welfare fund, which is administered outside the union under SUP, APL and Matson trusteeship, pays medical benefits to eligible SUP retirees and dependents based on sea time.

Gunnar Lundeberg, SUP’s president, said insurance will cover the losses and that no union member will lose medical benefits.

‘‘The main point is the plan is in good shape. Nobody’s benefits were affected by this,’’ he said.

Mr. Lundeberg did not dispute the accuracy of a published report that Ms. Gines embezzled a total of $400,000 and that others may be charged.

Ms. Gines, 54, has pleaded not guilty, and bail has been set at $2 million, according to the county district attorney.

According to the complaint, filed Sept. 11, Ms. Gines used various methods to prevent the scheme from being detected.

She regularly issued checks to an individual named Democrito Sampoir by using another member’s social security number. This enabled her to avoid the appearance of exceeding the plan’s disbursement limit of $1,850, the complaint said.

Mr. Sampoir was not charged in the complaint.

Ms. Gines also assigned checks to accounts from past fiscal years, according to the complaint, to avoid the appearance of having a given year’s disbursements exceed $1,850.

‘‘As a result of this unauthorized practice, she could further assure that a cursory review of those members’ accounts used to facilitate the criminal conduct would not disclose any impropriety,’’ the complaint said.

‘‘In these ways, among others, SUP management and auditors would not be alerted to the number or dollar amount of checks issued,’’ the complaint said.


On February 25, the Union Trustees (Duane Hewitt
and your secretary) of the SUP Welfare Plan became aware
of certain financial irregularities to the Plan. The attorneys
for the Plan (Jeffrey Walsh for the Union and Charles
Storke for the Employers) were immediately contacted
and a meeting was convened that morning to take action
to protect the Plan. These actions were necessary as it had
been discovered that Vern Johansen, Plan Administrator,
had written checks to himself from Plan funds for over
$20,000 without Trustee authorization.


On April 13, the Plan office received a certified check
for $20,000 from Johansen for funds “borrowed” from
the Plan without Trustee authorization. During the past
month, Plan auditors Thomas Havey & Company have
continued to audit the Plan and are still in the process
obtaining backup for credit card charges incurred by
the former Administrator.


The Great David Connolly 401-K

The application will be filed on October 6, 2000 for an advance determination
as to whether the Plan meets the qualification requirements of section 401 of the
Internal Revenue Code of 1986, with respect to the initial qualification of the Plan.

Rather than consider the needs of the membership, this 401-K was created for
the personal benefit of David Connolly. Apparently David Connolly has no knowledge
of his legal responsibilities of being a FIDUCIARY.


David Connolly"s Fiduciary Achievement: The David Connolly 401-K

Rather than go to Charles Schwab (A San Francisco Firm) and let the Membership
have access to no load mutual funds with low fees and costs of maybe $10 per member,
David Connolly must of found the worst company in the world who paid him the most for
shopping Union funds to them for a kick back!

Here are the numbers for the first few months of operations for the “Great David Connolly 401-K”

Benefits under the Plan are provided by SUP 401(k) Plan. Plan expenses were
$69,325 which consisted entirely of administrative expenses. A total of 612 persons
were participants in or beneficiaries of the Plan at the end of the plan year.
The value of the Plan assets, after subtracting liabilities of the Plan, was $202,765
as of December 31, 1999.

Wow the Gambino Family would be jealous and might leave loan sharking for being a foot warmer outside Gunnar’s Office.