Customer Service from the Boat

Thinking about what constitutes great customer service from the vessel side, and wondering how much (if any) difference it makes in keeping a boat on the job.

Is great customer service: a.) simply being prompt, courteous and professional?, b.) pushing the envelope (e.g., borderline weather conditions, loads, etc.), c.) minimal downtime for maintenance, crew changes, etc., d.) operating efficiently (fuel, lube, etc.)?

And does any of that really matter, or is it simply cargo capacity and day rate?

How much influence does the OIM or company man have in requesting/keeping/running-off a particular boat?

I have opinions on the above, but curious what others’ experiences have been.

I would like to add that helping with logistics seems to go a long way. The OIM usually doesn’t know our occupation to the fullest so whenever we suggest something that saves time or money because of our deeper knowledge, they are very thankful. Example: they may want us to get fuel, mud, and deck cargo. Because we know the workings of the docks and the traffic scenarios with certain times of the day, we can suggest a different order in which to accomplish these things which in turn saves money and gets the job done faster.