Current Hiring in US GOM

“12 hour” work days, even time, 401k, health, vision, dental, LTD, etc.

You have here a quite a good and realistic reply to the topic.
I always liked working on board with rotation be it day work or watchstanding.
Made money, used the opportunities and tried my best.

But shoreside has its advantages and for the most part - is a lot more interesting. At least in the field based sectors where cmakin and I have found ourselves over the years.

Looking back - don’t think I would have traded the post-sailing experience and adventure for anything at sea, but it all has balanced out. Still a vagabond enjoying the sunrise in a thousand ports in a hundred lands, the languages spoken for the fun of it and eyes aglow with meeting new friends and sadness of parting from old friends yet once again.


Care to speculate what your company will pay a Chief?