(Crossover) AB to QMED

I am currently working on an OSV as an AB but prior to obtaining my AB credential I was interested in going the engineering rout. Only problem was there were no wiper positions available. So the spot I am in now is trying to figure out the best way or any way to obtain my QMED without having to start my sea time all over again as a wiper I have heard of a few different routs from some engineers on board my vessel but need some better solid info on this. One is that the coast guard implemented a crossover test not long ago, I have looked high and low for something about this and can’t find anything. The next is that sea school in Bayou La Batre, Alabama offers a QMED program, but what no one has been able to tell me is are you eligible to apply for your QMED after completing this coarse? Another words would I be able to skip the wiper process just by attending this coarse? If anyone has some insight into these or any other options it would be greatly appreciated.