Criminal Cruise Lines

When are Carnival executives going be charged with felonies for these actions? Fining a corporation that pays no taxes and looks at a million dollars the way some of us look at the change we find in our car’s cup holder is absurd. Charge the top executives, convict them and jail them. If that doesn’t work, ban the ships from American waters.


Probably the same time they start charging parents of underage school shooters with murder.


If that get’s you heated, then you must of not watched the show DopeSick, about Purdue Pharma. Cruise Lines are nowhere near as evil as those bastards are, and they all stayed out of jail and are still billionaires. Pretty sure, there are some readers on this forum that probably went through Oxy addiction at some point due to an injury on a vessel.


From what has been reported, that issue is not settled yet. The family might not be jailed but they may still lose everything but freedom to live under a bridge.

Haha, It doesn’t look like they have much to fear thus far.

In June of 2019, Carnival admitted it was guilty of committing six violations of probation……In addition to the $20 million fine, Carnival senior management accepted responsibility,

So that was 6 violations at $20mil or $3.3mil per violation. Now this one makes probation violation number 7 and the fine amount was reduced to $1mil…government sure showed them how serious they take this /s


Yeah, at this rate the taxpayer will start paying them to dump oil in the water.

What a filthy industry … in every sense of the word.

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