Crew boat capt. wanted

I am looking for someone to relieve me…experienced capt. wanted for a 12 hr 48’ day crew boat in louisiana. pay is 225 p/d plus per deum for food. and lodging is provided , must have mechanical ability for maintenance duties, strong boat handling skills required. hit me with an e mail and tell me about your self…back stabbers don’t bother applying
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Whats with the “back stabber” comment?

He obviously has had experience with that element in our business who are weasels. I have run boats for many years and know Exactly what he is talking about!

In my experience what he is talking about is: someone who gets hired on, and thinks the best way to get promoted/advanced/a raise is to shit on everyone else on the theory that if you make every one else look bad then you will seem great by comparison (and thus deserve all you want) Whereas my personal philosophy is, I do my job the best I can and the boss/owner will see that MY performance is a stand alone, excellent example of good quality work and has NOTHING to do with the other guys work.

I must say ‘Old Bone’ this is a rarity in my 30 yrs in the towing industry. I have found only about half of my reliefs over the years were straight shooters. Most take the low road both at work, and in their personal lives. BUT, then again that seems to be the norm in life!

I’ve worked with a few of those after 30 years.