Covid-19 News/Updates

That sounds like some of Donald Rumsfeld’s twisted syntax. :upside_down_face:

Churchill’s quote is better understood if you see the film clip of the speech where he said it. I’m glad the other feller wasn’t there.


I can’t evaluate this but it’s not optimistic about the lower death rates.

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Other people may or may not need a heads up on this but must have read a dozen or so articles similar to this over a period of a few months reading that as casual relations. Each additional article I read that way left me more puzzled about the subject.

Switching those two letters changes the meaning significantly. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Mostly used in legal cases involving damage claims. Causality, or the law of cause and effect is the actual assumption that events occur as a result of certain other events that preceded them; a cause precedes an effect.

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A Ctrl-F search at this link turns up 128 instances of the term causal.

The post at the top is actually on topic:

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That article is almost literally paved with the word causal!

Here’s the author’s definition:

A causal mechanism is (i) a particular configuration of conditions and processes that (ii) always or normally leads from one set of conditions C to an outcome O (iii) through the properties and powers of the events and entities in the domain of concern.

A google search of casual mechanisms turns up millions of hits so I’m not the only one.

A good-to-know fact. Trump claims that 99% of the Corona cases are in fact harmless. Looking at the present death toll, almost 130.000, you wouldn’t say.

Not looking good.

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Colin Woodward of the 11-nations book.

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I wonder why they haven’t cancelled the METS trade show at the RAI. There were 27,000 people from every nation crammed together inside the rooms last year bumping shoulders and breathing on each other.

Virus walks and money talks, even in the Netherlands.

Yes it does!


Always a crowd there, most are not buying just dreaming. No sign of cancellation of this year’s exhibition. That would be pretty stupid. They think they can handle it…

During last November there was not yet a virus around as I recall.

Oh yes there were. Plenty of viruses (incl. some Corona viruses) around, but nobody knew about the SARS Cov 2 virus yet at that time.
By November a lot of thing can change. (And hopefully will; to the better)

Blissful ignorance…

Is there a causal relation between Trump and divisive actions?

No, don’t be silly. He is trying to unite all people in the country to make America great again. He is not specific as to the time he considers America to have been great which he is trying to replicate. So people are coming up with their own ideas. :slight_smile:


Yes blissful ignorance indeed.
Covid-19 MAY have been in Europe and the US as early as November, but the earliest KNOWN case appears to have occured in Dec. 2019. (In Paris)

Of course nobody recognised it as such at the time. (It was assumed to be pneumonia)

PS> But China should have known, since they “invented it” (according to the Conspiracy Theorist-in-Chief)

I read somewhere that Coronavirus is now believed to have reached the US as early as October.

I also read somewhere that the former head of MI6 thinks that Coronavirus is a naturally occurring virus that the Chinese weaponized before it accidentally escaped from their lab. I thought that was an interesting theory attributed to an interesting source.