COVID-19 Maritime News

Singapore engage accommodation vessel to operate as a “half-way house” from crew change crews that cannot go directly to/from the vessel/airport:

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Singapore Organisation of Seamen (SOS) will set aside US$ 1 mill. to accommodate seafarers at Seacare Hotel which was selected by the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore to accommodate crew unable to sign on to a vessel or be transferred immediately to a flight home:

MPA has also taken on the accommodation vessel POSH Bawean to accommodate seafarers during transfer to/from vessels doing crew change in Singapore:

PS> The picture attached to the article is not the POSH Bawean. Here is the right one:
Not as POSH as the Seacare Hotel, but OK for the purpose of accommodating crew for a couple of days.

UK calls for an International Crew Change Summit:

It’s left to be seen who attend,who pretend that this doesn’t concern them, or their citizens.

If you haven’t watch this year’s video message on the Day of the Seafarers from the IMO Secretary General. here it is:

AMSA in Australia is cracking down on ships were the crews are overdue for change:

It doesn’t say if Australia allow seafarer to enter Australia to join ships, or to be repatriated to their home countries. (??)

A well known personality in shipping in India and S.E.Asia has died from Covid-19. RIP:

I never met him personally, but have heard about him for years. He was very influential in Maritime education in India and beyond.

From Maasmond Newsclippings today:
The forgotten group
Last Saturday in The Netherlands it was National Veterans Day, memorizing all who have Fallen for our freedom. What I really miss is the mentioning of our seafarers. They automatically were under Navy control, and are thereby considered as veterans. Not a single word was dedicated To them, who made a significant difference to the end of the war. Why are seafarers being observed as low-live forms, being ignored by people who do not realize their prosperity and welfare depends on their work. LET US HONOUR OUR SEAFARERS, REPATRIATE THEM HOME ! AS A FORMER MERCHANT OFFICER I AM DISAPPOINTED Not only by our Dutch government but by all governmental organizations who deliberately counteract seafarers to be reunited with their families. Without seafarers the world will stop turning !!!
Henk , A former merchant navy officer

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Covid-19 impact on seafarers around the world:

Suicide epidemic among seafarers caused by the pandemic?

Manila is opening up for speedy handling of returning seafarers:

BIMCO issue Covid-19 and crew change clause to it’s T/C form 2020:

Tomorrow ships in port are requested to sound their horns in solidarity with their fellow seafarers who are long overdue for crew change:

Suicides among seafarers has been a hot topic in the maritime news media during these Covid-19 times.
Now MLC’06 MAY be overhauled to address the problem:

The crew change situation has been very much in the Maritime News these last two weeks especially. Here is another long arcticle on the subject:

Just heard a story of a guy half dead on a vessel in port not allowed to get ashore so they flew a doctor out

What ever happened with the Maersk Idaho?

She was disinfected, crew changed out. They made a short port call at PIT to load/unload and sailed for somewhere in the gulf (Texas). Only lost about a day or so. It was a quick turnaround.

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Ship managers are not impressed with what came out of the big meeting (jolly?) in London:

Meanwhile a Canadian ITF rep. says seafarers don’t do enough for themselves:

“Crew change blah blah”

haha that is a great article headline. Disappointing the author hid their name, every other splash247 article has an authors name.

It’s a great maritime news site, one of my favorites (next to gcaptain of course).

Not on seafarers have problems because of Covid-19. EU’s Recycling Rules for Ships may have to wait a while before they can be implemented: