Cost of renewable energy is falling fast

so lets see a renewable get installed without a subsidy and increased power cost to the consumer.

The world is waiting, plenty of fake news headlines but…

All non-renewable energy was installed with subsidies and costs to the consumer. Not only the governments helped create these companies, they’ve been going back and fro from being private to public several times.
It will be the same with renewables, unless it’s a microgrid system owned in a coop type of organization, or simple private single user.

The difference is with a coal or nuclear power station its big and they have all lasted years, now with many small companies dabbling mostly due to subsidy to build and feed in subsidy, you have the situation where one is bankrupt and investors walking away while another one is being built.

Well, nothing is perfect.

I have seen on the web the molten solar plants in Spain and Morocco I think it was, they are moving forward and building more as its the cheapest power they can get and of course, (less the mirror manufacturing, not sure how green that is ) is it will last for years and with their insulated storage they get many days of back up.
How that went wrong in the USA for sure had to do with subsidy scamming…


Don’t worry, there’s plenty of scamming in Spain.

sure but a perfect example of zero gov policy just knee jerk reaction.
In oz the power producers wont do anything as they have no clue what the gov will do tomorrow.

The government in Australia is then playing the game of instability to delay the inevitable.


A disaster.

one state already had the issue after privatization of a coal plant when after a few years the EPA regs were raised they shut it down, then state was short of power…oops
They could convert them to Gas but Australia doesnt have any so that doesnt work…lol

Well, in Europe, especially UK and Germany, they are not shutting down the coal power plants so easily: they are importing wood pellets from the USA, as they can be used in coal power plants, and they have been manipulated to become carbon-neutral. If you are interested, you can read:

thanks, Michael Moore helped explain that biomass scam.
I guess the Germans send coal to china to make the silicone for the solar panels and ship them back too and to think the only thing not green are the ships shipping all this
How come the ships shipping windmaill parts are powered by fossil fuel?
Like the farmers in the USA with the ethanol scam, all their equipment runs on diesel

And how Nigeria exports its crude to Europe, gets transformed into low grade fuel and Nigeria imports it again, this time as an overpriced overpolluting diesel. The black market diesel producers in Africa have better quality fuel to supply local demand, and pollute less. It’s funny if it isn’t tragic.

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thats a financial issue…
The crooks just want to let he foreigners pump it and ship it away while shipping the dollars in, no reason for those crooks to invest in a refinery…

When you ship the refined product back you get a second bite at the cherry…

Years ago I heard several nigerians own refineries in Brazil…
Have you noticed that countries with oil run by crooks always have product shortages…

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Agreed. But there is also enough reason to believe local crooks could have new working refineries to supply a growing market at home and to supply neighboring countries resulting in even more money in their pockets.

My understanding is they have 4 refineries and they are old and not very efficient.
Nigeria’s strategic resource is being squandered and all that will be left is environmental destruction. It’s beyond financial and political. It’s about being stuck in a paradigm of wastefulness.

Strangely, Australia is the world’s largest exporter of LNG. We could have more for domestic use if state governments stopped banning further extraction, but they are climate eco-zealots and can’t let such things spoil their weather-dependent manias.

When calculating the ‘cost of renewable energy’, let’s make sure we consider all the costs.

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great info there…