COP26 in Glasgow November 2021

Here are some of the main speakers:

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On a more serious note:

Amphibious truck presumably??

I don’t get what makes COP26 all that important. I don’t get why waste time and energy arranging protests for big shots who thrive on attention…in Paris, Milan… not somewhere in Sudan or Kenya.

Protests just reinforce the sense of importance of the attendants. Anyone genuinely wanting to have things done differently should get on with doing things differently and not appeal to institutions who have no desire to do things differently because that’s how institutions go. I guess that’s how they get money to get on with wannabe shock tactics.

If they spent the money they get to protest and bought themselves some acreage and did regenerative agriculture instead then they would be more effective at countering climate change.
But that requires planning, thinking and truthfulness.

Another side of climate change and the “greening” of the world has been brought up by Sami representatives at COP236, “Green Colonialism”::

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